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Yardline was born to help people thrive in the e-commerce space and live the entrepreneurial dream. We know what it takes to succeed on online marketplaces; our company was co-founded in 2020 by seasoned pros: Ari Horowitz, former SVP, Strategic Partnerships and Corporate Development for Thrasio, the top acquirer of fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) businesses and Tomo Matsuo, former SVP, Lending Solutions, for the Paysafe Group. Today, we’re providing funding solutions and business-critical guidance to help keep your e-commerce revenues moving UP AND TO THE RIGHT™


Yardline is marketplace-agnostic, working with professional sellers on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Shopify, and others. Our leadership team’s experience generating over $20 billion of cumulative originations means Yardline can move fast to tackle our borrowers’ primary pain point: securing the capital they need to accelerate growth.


Our Team

Yardline’s team has e-commerce running through their veins. Our company was founded by Amazon business operators who have guided and funded hundreds of online marketplace sellers to success. We are experts who understand the challenges of managing an e-commerce business and we’re here to help yours.

Yardline Bo Peabody CHAIRMAN Serial Entrepreneur

Bo Peabody


Serial Entrepreneur

Ari Horowitz

Ari Horowitz


Resident Operations Expert

Tomo Matsuo

Tomo Matsuo

President & COO

Capital Solutions Maestro

Yardline Seth Broman CHIEF REVENUE OFFICER Growth Capital Matchmaker

Seth Broman

Chief Revenue Officer

Growth Capital Matchmaker

Yardline Matt Cluney

Matt Cluney

Chief Marketing Officer

Champion of the Customer

Yardline Dennis Chin

Dennis Chin

Strategic Initiatives
Yardline Dylan Edwards

Dylan Edwards

Risk Management
Yardline Nicole Gengaro

Nicole Gengaro

UX/UI Design
Alexx Hall

Alexx Hall

Partner Success
Yardline John Jacobs

John Jacobs

Strategic Partnerships

Our Difference

Yardline does more than advance cash—we’re not a “set it and forget it” company. We also serve as e-commerce business advisors, with value-added services to increase profitability and promote business growth. Our dedicated Seller Success Managers offer access to tools and expertise to help you work smarter and grow faster. When you work with Yardline, you get the funding you need along with ecommerce strategy consulting. Our team includes a deep bench of sales, marketing, and business pros to guide you on how to optimize your marketing and advertising spend, tighten your operations, deal with supply chain issues, negotiate with your vendors, and more.


Yardline has been making news since we launched. Read how we’re changing the e-commerce funding landscape and more.


Thrive Global: Ari Horowitz of Yardline Capital: “When it’s sold, get out of the way”

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Create something with growth opportunity. Is there a massive future for this business or not? For example, the company I co-founded, Yardline Capital, is focused on taking advantage of the e-commerce boom by providing growth capital to e-commerce and marketplace sellers across the U.S. Definitely a future there and the timing is right on. Timing is everything! Being too early for the right idea is the same thing as being wrong.

Modern Retail: Amazon Briefing – Fintech Startups are entering the Amazon Seller ecosystem

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We believe that marketplace and platform economies are going to be an even bigger opportunity for entrepreneurs. We want to democratize capital to these entrepreneurs.
Press Release

Perpetua Brings Yardline’s Embedded Growth Capital Offering to e-Commerce Brands

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Perpetua already leverages advertising data to accelerate growth with their AI-powered ad engine which makes them the perfect partner for our Capital-as-a-Service solution.

Authority Magazine: Ari Horowitz of Yardline Capital: Five Things You Need To Know If You Want To Build, Scale and Prepare Your Business For a Lucrative Exit

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Our whole business is built around helping sellers — across any marketplace or platform — live the entrepreneurial dream, control their own destinies and work however, whenever and wherever they want. The explosion of e-commerce is helping people turn side gigs into hyper-growth businesses. There is so much opportunity in this space, and we’re here to help people take advantage of that.

E-Commerce Marketplace Aggregators are hot on Thrasio’s heels as companies raise $2.3B

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Thrasio’s success comes from the ability to take that marketplace data and do something smart with it where there was no ability to to that before,” said Ari Horowitz, a former Thrasio executive and now co-founder and CEO of New York-based Yardline Capital, a fintech startup providing funds to professional Amazon sellers. “The genius was recognizing the data was there, as well as their ability to apply a layer of operations expertise to accelerate the business.

Acquiring eCommerce Businesses: Ari Horowitz on “The Exit” Podcast

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With Yardline Capital we’re enabling people to live the entrepreneurial dream, leave the shackles of the corporate environment and do something they’re passionate about.

Crunchbase News: The Briefing: Scale Raises $600M Fund, States Said To Prep Facebook Antitrust Suit, And More

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Yardline banks $10M to fund Amazon sellers: Fintech startup Yardline Capital, focused on providing funds to Amazon sellers, announced a raise of $10 million in venture capital and debt from Thrasio and a network of angel investors.
Press Release

Yardline Bursts into Fintech Space with Backing from Thrasio

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I’m very excited to share with my friends, family, colleagues and network that I have joined Tomo Matsuo and Ari Horowitz to build Yardline – providing value-added capital solutions for ecommerce sellers to work smarter & grow faster.”


E-commerce is a fast-growing, red-hot industry: $4.9 trillion in sales, red hot. If you’d like to be a part of it, we’re game to hear from you! We’re always looking for go-get-em types who don’t just want a job, but want to build a career with us—and have fun doing so. In the process, you’ll get to help a diverse group of sellers grow their e-commerce businesses and live the entrepreneurial dream.