Embedded Capital Solutions for FinTech Platforms

Yardline's Capital-as-a-Service offering enables FinTech providers to activate turn-key capital solutions within their platform. Through a simple API integration, FinTech platforms can expand their product suite and activate new revenue opportunities seamlessly.

Partner with e-commerce experts

Yardline's operational strength in e-commerce allows us to pinpoint the unique growth indicators that are germane to the space, enabling us to extend larger amounts of capital and propel merchant growth - as they grow, you grow!

Increase engagement and activation

Embedding capital allows your clients to access the dollars they need to increase engagement and activate on your optimization recommendations.

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Simple API Integration

Proprietary E-commerce Underwriting

Capital Available for Unrestricted Use

Integrated Seller Success Program

Co-branded or White-Labeled Options

Accelerated Time to Market

Let us do the heavy lifting

Your end-to-end capital solution 

Yardline provides the data-driven technology, e-commerce financing expertise, and seller support you need to stand up an embedded capital offering quickly and easily.