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Capital for Acquirers

Are you looking to buy an e-commerce business but don’t quite have the capital necessary to close the deal? Yardline can help. Yardline provides acquisition and bridge capital to buyers, helping them to acquire e-commerce businesses. Up to $1,000,000 in funding is available at a range of payback periods!

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Capital Solutions To Help You Scale


Growth Capital

Growth capital from Yardline can help your target business scale without any additional investment on your end. Yardline can provide funding for any range of business needs – from inventory to marketing. Once at scale, the business becomes more attractive and you’re ready to re-engage on the acquisition process.



You’re under LOI to acquire a growing e-commerce business and want to ensure the business is ready to scale on day one. With pre-acquisition capital from Yardline, you can have funding ready to support the inventory levels you need and avoid unnecessary stock-outs or inventory delays.



Ready to make a move on the right business, but you might not have sufficient capital or would prefer to increase the leverage? Yardline can advance you funds based on a combination of your buyer qualifications and the performance of the asset that you are looking to acquire (or your current assets).