For FinTech

Embedded Capital Solutions for FinTech

Yardline’s Capital-as-a-Service offering enables FinTech providers to activate turn-key capital solutions within their platform. Through a simple API integration, FinTech platforms can expand their product suite and activate new revenue opportunities seamlessly.

Your End-To-End Capital Solution

Yardline provides the data-driven technology, e-commerce financing expertise, and seller support you need to stand up an embedded capital offering quickly and easily.

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Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting

  • Simple Integration With Easy To Use APIs and SDKs

  • Proprietary E-commerce Underwriting

  • Integrated Seller Success Program

  • Co-Branded and White-Label Options

  • Accelerated Time to Market

Become a Hub for E-commerce Businesses

Allow clients to connect to marketplaces or broader online business-related tools on a single interface and gain valuable merchant operational insights.

Partner with E-commerce Experts

Yardline’s operational strength in e-commerce allows us to pinpoint the unique growth indicators that are germane to the space, enabling us to extend larger amounts of capital and propel merchant growth – as they grow, you grow.