Huron: Proving the Value of Strategic Partnerships for Sellers 

Huron: Proving the Value of Strategic Partnerships for Sellers 

In case you haven’t already caught the buzz from GQ, Vogue, and ForbesHuron is a premium-quality D2C skincare brand, priced and marketed for the “everyman”. Born from the partnership of Matt Mullenax and Matt Teri—the former an ex-collegiate athlete and Bonobos alum, the latter a product developer for some of the biggest cosmetic brands—strategic connections (and the capital that fuels them) are at the heart of Huron’s growth story. 

Building a Brand in Public 

Huron is active across multiple e-commerce and retail venues, which is clearly helping to drive its visibility, along with continuous investments to build and advertise the brand. 

By monitoring customer surveys and an online Q&A forum for men to demystify cosmetic hygiene, Matt M. keeps a close pulse on his consumers, which undoubtedly plays into his confidence when investing to scale. The unheard-of amount of customer engagement with the Huron brand is something Matt M. credits to aligning personally with his audience.  

He notes that “the best way to know your customer is to be your customer”—a credo he assumes rightfully as an ex-athlete who suffered bad skin for years before pinpointing high-quality skincare as the missing element to his health-mindedness.  

As Matt M. knew his target audience would value foremost the balance of quality, price, and convenience, it became clear early on that the Amazon marketplace was a hotbed of consumer opportunities, worthy of acute marketing attention.  

Adding Value for Every Connection 

To lean into their Amazon marketplace reach, Matt M. tapped Perpetua, a Yardline partner providing sellers with AI-optimized marketing for Amazon and other e-commerce platforms. Because Yardline offers embedded capital solutions through the Perpetua platform (via our Capital-as-a-Service product), the connection to our team was seamless.  

Huron had already accepted venture capital, amongst other investments, and was seeing steady returns from their rising success. The decision to take on additional growth capital to fund his Amazon advertising initiatives was backed by Matt M.’s philosophy of partnering with people who “add strategic value to the brand”.  

The process was easy. From his first kick-off call with a Yardline Seller Success Manager, who identified key opportunities for investing growth capital to help scale, Matt M. felt assured this would be a partnership (in the truest sense) with opportunities outlasting a return. 

Choosing Yardline would grant Huron access to expert-level e-commerce and business insights, in addition to the unrestricted flexibility to allocate their funding toward opportunities that could extend beyond the initial ad spend. For Matt M., the added value from Yardline made the partnership a no-brainer.  

Being “the Voice of Yes” 

Riding the returns of their investment on Amazon, a recently won Urban Outfitters contract, and multiple new products set to launch this year, there seems to be no ceiling in sight for Matt M. and Matt T. Still, they know as well as any business owners how important strategic decision-making and the “entrepreneur’s instinct” is when riding a wave of success.  

In Matt M.’s words, you have to be willing to “be the voice of yes” and take the leap when it feels right, while always being mindful of who and what will add value for your brand and your consumers. For Huron, increasing consumer connections is what keeps their profits climbing, which is why partnering with Yardline and Perpetua to tap into a virtually limitless consumer base like Amazon can only fuel their already competitive pace. 

There is no shortage of capital providers on the market, but none come with the diverse network of partnerships and added value prospects that keep Yardline in the lead.  

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