Maintaining Post-Amazon Prime Day Momentum: Insights from a Yardline Seller Success Manager 

Maintaining Post-Amazon Prime Day Momentum: Insights from a Yardline Seller Success Manager 

As anticipated, this year’s Amazon Prime Day event was one for the books. While overall sales fell short of 2020’s record-high numbers, small businesses alone grossed over $1.9 billion, topping a 100% year-over-year increase on sales compared to last year’s promotion.  

This niche uptick is no doubt in credit to Amazon’s “Spend $10, Get $10” incentive, rewarding customers with a $10 credit for every $10 spent on small business products.  

Meaning: plenty of small business Amazon sellers are riding a wave of momentum that will be hard to maintain if they revert back to pre-Prime Day tactics. To provide insights for keeping the growth alive, Anna Rose, a Yardline Seller Success Manager, shares her tips. 

But before we get into the details, you might be wondering… 

Who is a Seller Success Manager? 

Unique to Yardline, every Yardline customer has access to a Seller Success Manager (SSM) who offers insights and recommendations for growing their business. Beginning with a kick-off call, Yardline clients go through their Yardline 50 Business Assessment (Y50BA)—Yardline’s proprietary analysis of real-time business metrics against industry benchmarks—with their SSM, who then remains on-hand from there on out to help guide each seller’s growth journey.  

One member of the Seller Success team, Anna Rose, brings to the table yearsworth of small business and D2C e-commerce insights, having been an integral part of growing her family’s successful beauty brand. Besides being a well-established seller herself, she also touts years of agency experience launching, managing, and growing brands on Amazon and Walmart.  

As many of Yardline’s growth capital customers sell on Amazon, Anna, alongside the rest of the Seller Success team, maintains a close eye on the marketplace dynamics, informing these three tips for sellers to consider as they ride the Prime Day hype.  

Tip #1: Don’t Get Too Comfortable with Your Ranking Boost 

Amazon Prime Day is a great opportunity for sellers, but especially for newer sellers trying to gain credibility. As a high ranking in the marketplace generally means low prices and high sales (or more volume of sales in general), if you ran a successful Prime Day promotion (or even just reaped the spoils of the event overall), you likely saw an uptick in your organic ranking.  

However, Anna advises sellers not to celebrate for too long: “If Amazon’s algorithm sees only two days of momentum, your rank won’t hold.” You have to consider the big picture: sales volume, price, and positive reviews, and stay full speed ahead to keep your credibility on all three.  

Tip #2: Stay Aggressive on PPC Advertising 

One major play Anna suggests for maintaining momentum post-Prime Day is staying aggressive on pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.  

“Don’t default to the [ad spend budget] you had before. The cost per click (CPC) will come down a bit post-Prime Day which will help you overall with ACOS (advertising cost of sale) and TACOS (total advertising cost of sale) metrics.” In other words, Anna forecasts that the return on your ad spend will go up, because the cost per click will dip down.  

Establishing wide-net search visibility is a simple means to floating (and growing) your sales volume. Invest boldly in ad word real estate now while the price is effectively lowest. 

Tip #3: Stay Mindful of Price Management 

Anna also sees price management as an integral part of Amazon seller growth, particularly with regard to organic ranking. 

Assuming your product holds up to consumers, there will likely be a slew of positive reviews in the weeks succeeding Amazon Prime Day. Building upon this buzz and drawing in repeat buyers should be top priority.  

While she doesn’t necessarily recommend hosting more sales, Anna advises Amazon sellers to keep a close eye on comparable products in the marketplace, and to stay competitive with their pricing.  

Key Take-Away 

In Anna’s words: “Amazon sellers can use the momentum they garnered from Prime Day to stay aggressive, which will inform Amazon’s algorithm they can convert and, over time, organically increase rank.” 

Put simply: don’t pull back on the throttle when you’re riding a wave of success. When your sales volume is highest is prime time to invest in your business and keep scaling up. If you take a passive approach, you may see your competitors racing in front of you over the next few weeks, and risk a ranking plummet.  

Yardline specializes in this kind of momentum-keeping growth. If the only thing standing between you and an aggressive approach is funding, we offer both the capital and the insights to implement it. Learn how you can use Yardline Capital to scale your Amazon business here.