Unlock Growth On Your Platform

Our embedded capital-as-a-service (CaaS) enables marketplaces and platforms to offer funding solutions directly to their customers, seamlessly driving revenues and customer engagement.


Become The Funding Engine For Your Customers

Bring funding opportunities directly to customers within your digital space. Our integrated, data-driven CaaS solutions allow you to create custom capital products that uniquely serve the needs of your customers.

  • Increase engagement and revenue

  • Stand up embedded capital offerings quickly and easily

  • Create new revenue streams

  • Contribute to customer topline growth

Flexible, Turnkey
Embedded Financing

Yardline provides a fully embedded funding experience, with flexible integration options that are customizable to your platform.

  • Easy to use APIs

  • Proprietary suite of seller and partner tools

  • Co-branded and white-label options available

  • Ability to create the custom funding products


Yardline Provides Embedded Capital And Funding Solutions For


Service Providers

Enhance your customer experience and directly contribute to the growth and success of your sellers’ businesses, with our customized integrated financing solutions.

Platform Solutions


Yardline CaaS enables marketplaces to develop into more than e-commerce hubs. Augment your marketplace gross merchandise value (GMV) as a resource that helps sellers scale more easily.

Marketplace Capital


Yardline provides acquisition and bridge capital to buyers, helping them to acquire e-commerce businesses. Up to $1,000,000 available at a range of payback periods in funding solutions.

Acquisition Capital

Partner With the E-Commerce Experts


Yardline’s strength and expertise in e-commerce operations and financing, coupled with our data-driven technology, allow us to pinpoint the unique growth indicators germane to the space, extend larger amounts of capital, and propel merchant growth . . . and the growth of our platform and marketplace partners.

Why Leading Platforms Chose Yardline