Thrasio Acquires Yardline, Adds Capital Offerings to its Suite of Seller Services

Thrasio Acquires Yardline, Adds Capital Offerings to its Suite of Seller Services

Today we announced that Thrasio, a leading consumer goods company and the largest acquirer of Amazon brands globally, is acquiring Yardline!  We are very excited about the opportunities this partnership creates for our clients, partners, and employees now and in the future.

Read the announcement here:

New York, June 16—Today Thrasio announced the acquisition of Yardline Capital Corp. (“Yardline”), bringing the organization in house as a wholly-owned operating subsidiary of Thrasio. Thrasio provided the initial backing for Yardline and has been actively involved in the business since its inception; now Thrasio is furthering that strategic partnership by acquiring the remaining portion of Yardline.

This transaction brings together two high-growth companies in the ecommerce space: Thrasio, the consumer goods company reimagining omnichannel commerce and the largest acquirer of Amazon brands globally, and Yardline, a leading provider of growth capital and business optimization tools for ecommerce entrepreneurs through Yardline Capital. By bringing Yardline and its platform into its suite of offerings, Thrasio can offer sellers financial support to accelerate their businesses, along with the guidance needed to efficiently grow their brands’ revenue and profitability.

“Thrasio is committed to helping Amazon and ecommerce entrepreneurs win, regardless of where they are in that journey,” said Carlos Cashman, Thrasio co-founder and co-CEO. “Almost 40% of sellers who inquire about selling their business to Thrasio do so because they’ve taken their brand as far as they could without additional resources. Yardline will be an asset in creating more opportunities for these entrepreneurs and offering more sophisticated avenues for growth. They’ve been doing something different in the space—their strategic approach to providing embedded capital across ecommerce marketplaces is unique—and we’re eager to have their technology and proficiency on our team.”

Yardline’s proprietary Capital-as-a-Service (CaaS) technology empowers ecommerce platforms, marketplaces, and direct capital providers with embedded capital solutions. Through its API-based solutions, Yardline enables partners to become the funding engine for their customers, increase platform engagement, and create new revenue streams. Thrasio’s global reach will accelerate Yardline’s ability to expand its CaaS platform to new marketplaces and platforms globally.

“We set out to quickly build a platform to enable ecommerce entrepreneurs to work smarter and grow faster by leveraging our capital and expertise,” said Tomo Matsuo, President of Yardline, which he co-founded with Ari Horowitz. “It’s conceivable that every ecommerce-related platform will have FinTech capabilities in the future, and our acquisition by Thrasio demonstrates that Yardline’s CaaS solution is well-positioned to be extremely nimble and adaptive as that evolution continues.” Matsuo, a seasoned FinTech executive, will continue to lead Yardline as President and will be joining Thrasio’s senior leadership team.

About Thrasio

Thrasio is the consumer goods company reimagining omnichannel commerce and consumer products, and boasts an innovation engine that brings high-quality products to market across digital marketplaces, channels, and retailers globally. With the experience of evaluating 6,000 Amazon companies, data on consumer preferences from more than 125 brands, and the operational scale of more than 22,000 products, Thrasio is the largest acquirer of Amazon FBA brands. Under Thrasio’s management, Amazon native brands compete with top household name labels, quickly becoming the trusted items that consumers turn to for their everyday needs. Thrasio brands include the Vybe Percussion deep tissue massage gun, Circadian Optics bright light therapy lamps, and skincare products from Sdara Skincare. For more information, visit

About Yardline

Yardline enables e-commerce sellers and businesses to thrive in the marketplace economy. Using proprietary technologies, data science-backed tools, and industry-leading expertise, Yardline helps sellers improve operations, increase profitability, and promote business growth on platforms like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Shopify, while empowering marketplaces and other online platforms through its turnkey, embedded Capital-as-a-Service solution. Yardline Capital, a direct provider of growth capital under Yardline, provides access to flexible, non-dilutive growth capital of up to $1 million in as fast as one business day, helping e-commerce sellers on these platforms work smarter, grow faster, and live the entrepreneurial dream. To learn more, visit


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