Watch: Make Money Moves at the FounderMade D2C Summit

Watch: Make Money Moves at the FounderMade D2C Summit

Moderated by Diana Ransom, Features Editor at INC.four industry leaders share advice to budding business owners based on their years of experience in the e-commerce space.  

“Figure out where you’re comfortable (with a little margin for error) and step on the gas.” – Ari Horowitz, CEO of Yardline  

Key takeaway: entrepreneurial prosperity is a combination of instinct, timing, and access to capital. Far too many early-stage sellers crumble under their own successstocking out of a solid product or failing to spend on marketing to stay ahead of consumers.  

Reinvesting in your business is an integral part of growing revenue. 

For any D2C brand looking to expand and take advantage of this e-commerce boom, Yardline provides the kind of non-dilutive growth funding that “throws gas on the fire” so your business doesn’t have to burn out. Ready to rev up your operation? Apply here and receive growth capital in as soon as one business day.  

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