Watch: Fundstory Talks Venture Alternatives with Yardline

In discussion with Fundstory CEO and Co-FounderBobby GilbertSeth Broman presents a comprehensive view of growth capital: benefits, uses, and what to look for in a provider. 

“We see growth capital as something that you should never have to give up your baby [to receive]. You spend so much time and effort growing a business; why would you give up ownership of it just to buy inventory?”

– Seth Broman, CRO of Yardline 

Key takeaway:

  • Compared to more traditional avenues for financing like bank loans and venture capital, growth capital is intended to accelerate scaling businesses without sacrificing equity.  
  • Entrepreneurs should prioritize providers who offer flexible payback structures, unrestricted use, and easy renewal options to ensure sustaining success through industry fluctuations.  
  • By partnering with Yardline, you get all the above plus quick decisions, access to our vast partner network of e-commerce experts, and a deep bench of online business pros to help your business scale faster.  

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