Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I need to be in business to qualify for funding? 
You need to be in business for at least six months to qualify for funding.

How long will it take to get a business loan with Yardline? 
Most qualified applicants receive an approval in as little as 24 hours and can be funded within 1-5 business

How do I apply to receive funding from Yardline? 
You can fill out a 3-minute mobile-friendly application
 here. The Yardline team will work with you to find out what you qualify for and match you with the best funding solution for your needs.

What are the minimum requirements for funding? 
Applicants need to have a registered business, be in business for at least six months, and have at least
 $10,000 in average monthly revenue.

When am I expected to start paying back the loan and how long do I have to pay it back in full? 
This varies by product. Most repayment terms begin within the following month of funding. Others
are deferred if they are specifically used for financing inventory purchases.

How is interest calculated and when is it charged?
Interest/fees are calculated differently for each product we offer. Some interest rates are fixed APRs
that accrue daily or weekly. Other products have fixed fees regardless of the repayment term.

Is there a minimum or maximum that can be borrowed? 
Yardline provides funding from $5k to $20 million. Whether you are just starting up and looking for some
extra cash or are an established seller looking to launch new products, Yardline has funding solutions for sellers at nearly every stage.

What can I use the funding for? 
The funding is unrestricted and can be used for anything from running more ads, purchasing more
inventory, or launching new products. The Yardline team can help you find the funding solution that is best for your business needs.

Can I get funding from more than one product? 
Yes, you can get funding from more than one product. Our team can walk you through what
funding solutions you qualify for and are right for your business needs.

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