5 Inventory Financing Companies

5 Inventory Financing Companies

5 Inventory Financing Companies

Inventory financing is a crucial lifeline for many small businesses, especially those in the retail and ecommerce sectors. It provides entrepreneurs with the capital needed to purchase inventory, manage cash flow, and expand their operations. In recent years, a plethora of inventory financing companies have emerged, each offering unique solutions tailored to the diverse needs of business owners. Let's explore five of these companies and what sets them apart in the realm of inventory finance.

1. Assembled Brands

Assembled Brand's inventory financing option allows businesses to leverage their existing inventory as collateral for financing their next batch of inventory. This model effectively fuels brand growth by providing a continuous cycle of capital infusion based on the value of current inventory.

2. Kickfurther

Kickfurther distinguishes itself with its affordable, flexible, and customizable funding solutions. Businesses can secure funding without making payments until they sell their inventory, alleviating immediate financial burdens and allowing for smoother cash flow management.

3. 8fig

With 8fig, businesses can access inventory financing without the hassle of credit checks and with fast approval processes. This company provides unlimited capital aligned with the business's growth plan, particularly catering to ecommerce ventures looking to maximize their potential.

4. Onramp

Onramp offers next-day inventory funding, ensuring that businesses can keep up with demand without delays. By synchronizing financing eligibility and repayments with sales data, Onramp provides a seamless financing experience that aligns with the business's revenue generation.

5. Choco Up

Choco Up stands out as a global technology and financial services platform, offering revenue-based financing and growth solutions for digital merchants and startups. Leveraging data analytics and machine learning, Choco Up streamlines fund deployment, providing zero-equity funding to fast-growing companies with efficiency and speed.

While each of these inventory financing companies brings its own strengths to the table, one stands out as a comprehensive solution for small business owners: Yardline. Not only does Yardline offer competitive rates for inventory financing, but it also provides a wide range of financing solutions tailored to every type of credit product a small business owner may need. From inventory financing to merchant cash advances and lines of credit, Yardline empowers entrepreneurs with the financial tools they need to thrive in today's competitive market landscape.


The landscape of inventory financing companies is diverse and dynamic, catering to the evolving needs of small businesses across various industries. Whether it's leveraging existing inventory as collateral, flexible payment structures, or data-driven financing solutions, these companies play a vital role in fueling business growth. And with Yardline leading the charge with its comprehensive suite of financing options, small business owners can navigate the challenges of inventory management and expansion with confidence.