Amazon Sellers: Outcompete the competition with Google Ads

Amazon Sellers: Outcompete the competition with Google Ads

Amazon Sellers: Outcompete the competition with Google Ads

As more and more Amazon sellers enter the marketplace each year, it’s more important than ever to differentiate from the competition and stand out to customers. Amazon sellers should be continuously looking for additional strategies and marketing channels to promote their products. In 2022, what are Amazon sellers doing to get ahead of their competition? They’re using Google Ads. Amazon sellers worldwide have started advertising their products through Google Ads to drive those customers to their product listings and Amazon storefronts. Behind Amazon’s Sponsored Product and Sponsored Brand ads, Google ads are the next best advertising tool to drive relevant and qualified traffic. Much like Amazon’s PPC, Google Ads also target specific keywords and search terms, but on Google’s search results page, rather than Amazon’s.

You might be asking:

Are Google and Amazon working together? Why would sellers advertise off-platform?


External traffic is becoming a key influencer of rank as Amazon is rewarding and incentivizing Sellers to go out beyond the Amazon ecosystem and find new customers.

As sellers feed Amazon’s ranking algorithm with quality external traffic, Amazon rewards them with more organic visibility. Using Google Ads is a targeted way to bring quality external traffic in because customers are searching on Google specifically to purchase products in a given category. And Amazon, in turn, is rewarding the sellers for bringing new customers onto the platform, in the hopes that they can be lucrative acquisitions over their lifetime. 

Additionally, Amazon’s Brand Referral Bonus program rewards sellers for their non-Amazon marketing efforts by paying them an approximate 10% credit for all conversions they can drive from external traffic. That’s right, Amazon is paying sellers to bring in more customers!




It’s a win-win.

Google Ads has been notoriously difficult for Amazon sellers to leverage over the years due to the complexity of Google and the lack of detailed attribution data.Google Ads This means not all sellers are up for the challenge, but those that have unique opportunities to advertise their products where their competition is not and drive incremental traffic.

Sellers who successfully leverage Google Ads are using a new piece of technology called, which is a self-serve ad automation platform that marries Google data (impressions, clicks, cost, etc.) to Amazon data (add to carts, conversions, revenue, etc.) to make it easy to view, analyze, and optimize campaign performance.

More importantly, Ampd provides keyword-level conversion tracking and machine-learned data science optimization that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. This empowers Sellers to make vital optimizations to campaign performance to drive Amazon rank, find, and convert new customers. As a bonus- if you are new to Google Ads and create your account through Ampd, due to their premier partnership status with both Google and Amazon, you can receive a free ad credit of up to $500.


For a limited time, Ampd is offering a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing all Amazon Sellers to test Google Ads for their business.