Getting Funding with Assembled Brands: 3 Things You Need to Know

Getting Funding with Assembled Brands: 3 Things You Need to Know

Getting Funding with Assembled Brands: 3 Things You Need to Know

In the dynamic landscape of business, securing funding is often a crucial step for growth and success. As the demand for innovative financial solutions continues to rise, emerging companies seek reliable partners to support their expansion plans. Assembled Brands, through its subsidiary Yardline, has become a noteworthy player in the financing arena, particularly for ecommerce and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands. In this article, we'll explore three key aspects you need to know about getting funding with Assembled Brands.



Assembled Brands is a strategic platform that assists emerging consumer product brands in navigating the complexities of growth. Through its financing arm, Yardline, the company aims to empower ecommerce and CPG brands by providing tailor-made financial solutions. Yardline is not just a lender; it's a partner that understands the unique challenges these businesses face and offers comprehensive support.


2. Qualifications for Funding: 

Securing funding can be a daunting task, with various lenders and financing options available. Yardline simplifies this process by working exclusively with ecommerce and CPG brands. To qualify for funding, businesses should meet certain criteria:

  • Business Type: Yardline primarily works with ecommerce and CPG companies. If your business falls into these categories, you're a potential candidate.

  • Business Performance: While Yardline focuses on supporting growing businesses, a track record of performance and sales is essential. They assess your business's financial health to ensure you can meet the obligations associated with the funding.

  • Eligible Funding Amounts: Yardline offers a range of financing solutions, with eligible businesses able to secure funding of up to $20 million. The flexibility in funding amounts allows businesses to scale according to their specific needs.


3. comprehensive financing solutions:

One of the standout features of Yardline is its ability to provide a diverse set of financing options. Eligible businesses can access a suite of financial products, including:

  • Inventory Financing Programs: Tailored for businesses with significant inventory needs, these programs allow companies to secure funds based on their existing stock.

  • Lines of Credit: Offering flexibility and liquidity, Yardline's lines of credit provide businesses with access to capital as needed, offering a safety net for operational expenses.

  • Small Business Loans: For more substantial capital requirements, Yardline offers small business loans designed to support expansion plans, marketing initiatives, or other strategic investments.

  • PO and Invoice Factoring: Businesses can leverage Yardline's services for Purchase Order (PO) financing and invoice factoring, facilitating smoother cash flow management.


In the vast landscape of financing options, finding the right partner is crucial for the success of growing businesses. Assembled Brands, through Yardline, offers a unique blend of industry expertise and diverse funding solutions. By understanding the qualifications, eligibility criteria, and the array of financial products available, businesses can confidently navigate the funding landscape and propel their growth with the support of Assembled Brands. With the potential to secure funding of up to $20 million in as fast as 24 hours, Yardline stands as a strategic ally for ecommerce and CPG brands aiming for success in today's competitive market