Our OAuth Simplifies the Funding Process for Amazon Sellers

Our OAuth Simplifies the Funding Process for Amazon Sellers

Our OAuth Simplifies the Funding Process for Amazon Sellers

At Yardline, we value simplicity. Our team is constantly innovating to make it as easy as possible for ecommerce sellers to access the capital they need to grow. That’s why we’re launching a new OAuth: an authentication protocol designed to ease Amazon sellers’ access to funding of up to $1M.

How does OAuth work?

Using API, the OAuth allows Amazon sellers applying for Yardline funding to seamlessly sync their Amazon Seller Central account with Yardline’s application. This instantly grants our underwriting platform real-time, secure access to their sales history, so we can make data-driven funding recommendations (from $5K up to $1M).

For most ecommerce tools and financing platforms, Amazon sellers must complete a multi-step authentication protocol to grant access to their sales data. They have to leave the application, log into their Amazon Seller Central account, enable a series of authorizations, and return.

Yardline’s OAuth slashes the time it takes to complete this process. Since the API handles all of the back and forth, all sellers need to do is grant the go-ahead.


Why does it matter for Amazon sellers?

By bypassing the extra steps, applying for funding now only takes about three minutes from beginning to end. In many cases, applicants receive a decision as early as the next business day. Boosting your inventory can now be as easy as pressing a button, much like the “Log in with Google” feature that we’ve all come to expect for authenticating new accounts.

We took the hint: all authentications should be this convenient and this secure, especially for budding entrepreneurs.


Yardline’s OAuth saves Amazon sellers the time to focus on what matters most: running and growing their ecommerce business.