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Yardline Partners

Level Up Your Shopify Business

Yardline helps you grow your Shopify business with funding of up to $1 million and the insights you need to take your business to the next level.

Yardline Partners Growth Capital GET FUNDING YOU NEED NOW

Built For Sellers By Sellers

As former e-commerce sellers ourselves, we know you have better things to do than spend hours (if not days!) trying to get a term sheet for small business funding. That is why we make accessing e-commerce capital easy for Shopify sellers. Our funding application takes minutes (yes, you read that right) and we will have a decision back to you in as little as 24 hours. You could be approved for funding between $5,000 and $1 million.

Once you’ve received your funding Yardline matches you with a Seller Success Manager (SSM), an e-commerce expert who can provide in-depth business consultations, help tackle operational issues, and identify strategic opportunities to expedite growth and increase profitability for your Shopify business.

The use of our funding is unrestricted, which means you can use it for basically any business purpose. Shopify sellers use Yardline growth capital for:

Advertising and promotion

Branding and photography

Product development

Inventory expansion

Operations and supply chain management

...And much more

Get Funded Today

As a Shopify seller, applying for capital is easier than ever. Yardline’s seamless online application process is the fastest way to unlock the funding your business needs.

3 Minute application

Get a decision in as little as 24 hours

Up to $1MM in funding

Yardline Partners

Growth Capital Is Not a Loan

Yardline’s growth capital is not a Shopify loan, it is a partnership-style investment where repayment is entirely dependent on your business growth. Unlike a traditional small business loan, Yardline does not require personal guarantees and applying will not impact your credit score.

No credit impact

No personal guarantee

No collateral

Yardline does not charge interest rates. Instead, we receive a fixed percentage of your revenue until we have recouped the total amount advanced plus our fixed fee. No hidden terms, no APR, no surprises.

Yardline Growth Capital vs. Shopify Capital Loans

The biggest difference between Yardline Growth Capital and a Shopify Capital Loan is flexibility.

Shopify may not be the only place where you are running your e-commerce business, so why should it be the only place you can use capital. At Yardline, we give you complete flexibility regarding how and where you spend your growth capital, allowing you to use the money in the way that makes the most sense for your business. For example, you may wish to use it to purchase additional inventory, invest in new marketing channels to grow your customer base or expand to additional marketplaces. We give you full control of how and where you use capital from us.

Yardline Products Seller Solutions PERSONALIZED BUSINESS INSIGHTS

Invested In Your Success

Our Seller Success Managers help you get the most out of every dollar you invest with our growth capital. Once onboard, Shopify sellers receive a complimentary business analysis and consultation where our experts identify untapped opportunities for success. This proprietary tool can benchmark your key operating metrics, from finance to supply chain, and can guide you on incremental efficiencies or opportunities to scale. You’ll see how you measure up against criteria such as listing quality, pricing, business costs, and inventory management.

Seller Solutions

“We wanted to optimize our listings, enhance existing creative, and start new programs that focus on customer feedback and loyalty…Once we were on board, we were paired up with someone who took a look at our store and offered some great recommendations on ways we could further scale our business.”

– Samantha Kent, co-founder of Nicole + Brizee

“My experience with Yardline has been nothing short of great. They were so easy to work with, got me money within days and connected me with an amazing consultant who has been very helpful. If you are looking for funding to grow your business, I highly recommend Yardline.”

– Willow & Grace Designs